Wings is our new single to be released in 16 June 2023 . The song was originally composed on a Korg Karma by Matt Pinchin former band member in 2007 . The lirics was added by Paul J M Pinto . In 2023 we decided to easter the song and release it .

Wings expresses the will to make peace with your past and failures .The decision to move on and except the wrongs and make peace with your tormented mind .



This time around the band chose to experiment with indie and dark electro on this song . Very moody with industrial beats and glitchy sounds .

The song expresses motivation and drive and will power .

Moving Echo Systems music video

Yes we did it again .Moving Echo Systems is finally on video . We took months to film this baby . Filmed in Penzance,Hayle ,Evesham and Bedford from July to October 2022 . You tube link :

Satellite 484 Bedford September 2022

Rat Race

This song will be released 20 June 2022 . The song expresses our busy life . We come to a place where conversation has become absolute . Equipment used Pioneer Toriaz sp16 , Korg electribe 2 , Behringer Ms1 ,Korg ms 2000 . Boss space echo . SampleWiz ,Cad microphones . Roland sh09

Rat Race album art work

Satellite 484 on Jongo radio:

Satellite 484 have joined forces with Jongo radio an international Digital internet radio stain. The site will showcase video and 10 tracks of the band released between 2015 and 2020 .click the link for more info .

Rah single

Psychedelic electronic band Satellite 484 are pleased to announce the release of a new track RAH released on all streaming sites